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Grown & Handcrafted in Rhode Island

CBD - Sustainably Grown by Lovewell Farms, Rhode Island

Rhode Island’s own Lovewell Farms is a family-owned, diversified hemp farm and wellness company based in Hope Valley, Rhode Island. We produce high quality, handcrafted hemp flower and large variety of CBD products using responsible and sustainable practices throughout the process.

Our commitment to providing clean, premium quality hemp and CBD products begins with using methods and materials that support the environment and our community, and continues with careful consideration at every step of the production process.

The Most Effective CBD Products Available Directly from our CBD Online Store.

We are proud to offer CBD wellness products for every lifestyle, including topical CBD applications for pain relief, ingestible CBD tinctures, and CBD body care products, as well as smokable hemp flower and CBD herbal blends. 

We use only the highest quality ingredients, and our plant powered line of wellness products incorporates traditional herbal allies alongside our CBD extract to create remedies that are even more effective than CBD alone.

We believe that hemp is a valuable renewable resource that can be helpful to everyone, and our goal is to share the many powerful benefits of the cannabis plant with Rhode Island and our surrounding communities. Our CBD Online Store makes it easy to order and receive your CBD wellness products.

As a small farm, we are able to maintain a high level of care and dedication to the quality of our hemp throughout the production process.

Utilizing sustainable and regenerative farming practices, we aim to create an agricultural environment that is able to balance and sustain itself as a natural ecosystem would. We recognize that the health of our soil, our plants, and our people are all related, and we work continuously to regenerate the soil quality and biological resilience on our farm.

We manage pests and diseases on our crops by promoting ecological diversity in our fields, and we never use synthetic chemicals. We continuously monitor the agricultural ecosystem, and if it becomes out of balance, we utilize beneficial bacteria and fungi to mitigate pests and pathogens so as to minimize damage to non-target organisms in the environment.

Our Sustainable Farm

A Flourishing Ecosystem for the Environment and Our Community

Our hemp grows alongside a variety of flowers, pollinator plants, assorted food crops, and native flora to create a flourishing ecosystem that facilitates optimum plant health and helps us avoid the use of harmful chemicals on our plants. We believe in supporting our environment and community through conscientious farming methods and business practices, in order to set a new standard for the hemp and cannabis industry and to better meet the needs of our consumers.

All of our products are sustainably grown and handcrafted with love on our farm  in Hope Valley, Rhode Island.

Know the Quality of Your CBD Wellness Products:

Our customers realize that there can be massive differences in quality across the CBD market and all too often, product claims can be inaccurate or downright misleading.

We are committed to transparency and accountability to our customers throughout every step of production. We use ecological farming practices and the highest quality ingredients to create all of our hemp and CBD products, from seed to shelf. Our handcrafted, small-batch production methods are based on science and responsible manufacturing practices.

We provide comprehensive, state-licensed laboratory analysis of cannabinoid potency, heavy metals, and pesticides so that you know exactly what you are getting when you choose Lovewell Farms CBD. We recognize that our customers value local, sustainable, and responsibly-produced hemp and CBD, and we promise to always deliver exactly that.

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