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CBD Topicals: Experience the Lovewell Farms Difference

CBD Topicals: Experience the Lovewell Farms Differnece

While there are more and more CBD and hemp companies entering the CBD space with every passing day, Lovewell Farms sets itself apart from the rest as a sustainable hemp company committed to offering the best CBD topicals and more in the marketplace. So what makes our products so special?

Sustainable Hemp, Grown With Care

At Lovewell Farms, we’re a tight-knit group. We take great care to maintain the quality of our hemp so that only the best ingredients and the most trusted products make it to the end-user. After entering into the business, we noticed that a lot of the CBD topicals and other products that were on offer from other brands in the marketplace had inconsistent quality, and made claims about their products that simply didn’t hold water. That’s one of the reasons we’re committed to providing full transparency to our customers. When you buy from Lovewell Farms, you’ll be able to know for sure that our CBD salves, CBD Bath Bombs, and other CBD products have been fully tested by state-approved laboratories for not only their genuine cannabinoid content but for a variety of harmful substances like heavy metals or pesticides that other farms might not test for.

Potent CBD Topicals For Any Occasion

At Lovewell Farms, we don’t just limit our products to pure CBD. While the power of CBD is well known, we know that combining natural ingredients can make a product that’s greater than the sum of its parts. Take for example our Bite & Burn Salve, made from a combination of aloe, vitamin E, essential oils, and our CBD oil base, it’s a perfectly formulated compound to help soothe and promote the natural healing of irritations you might receive in your day to day life. Or our special Balm, designed to help with the aches and pains of the human body. With any Lovewell Farms product, you can rest assured that all of our topicals are specially formulated to make your life easier.