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Key Components of Lovewell Farms CBD Flower

Key Components of Lovewell Farms CBD Flower

One of the things that makes cannabis a remarkable plant is the wide array of fragrances one can encounter when sampling different varieties. It is common to identify bright fruit notes ranging from the tropics to temperate. Simultaneously you can expect muskier heavy smells like chocolate, sharp cheese, gasoline, skunk, and pine. These fragrances are the product of volatile oil-based compounds found in the flower material known as terpenes. While we commonly think of THC and CBD as providing the primary psychoactive effect of cannabis, terpenes offer a host of subtle effects that play a large role in the overall experience. Here at Lovewell Farms, we try to offer a variety of strains, for example, our raw CBD pre rolls and our organic CBD hemp flower so our customers can find one that best suits them.

Before we get into the strains, we must understand the primary terpenes, what they smell like, and the effect they will have on the consumer. Myrcene is the most common terpene in cannabis, and it is often the most dominant, especially in indica strains. Its fragrance is sharp and musky, often lending a scent like orange rind or myrrh. Myrcene is believed to have a positive impact on promoting restful sleep and stress relief. Another common terpene is caryophyllene which is commonly associated with gas and skunk-like odors. Caryophyllene offers reduced inflammation and mood improvement. Bisabolol is a common terpene found in lower concentrations. It is also found in chamomile and features a floral fragrance that often makes up the backbone of sweet notes. It is best known for its anti-inflammatory properties in skin treatments but has also been noted to have calming effects. Pinene, commonly found in conifers, is a less common cannabis terpene. As one would imagine, it has a pine fragrance and helps improve focus and mood.

Our Most Popular Strains

The strain we have grown the longest is Merlot, an Indica dominant hybrid of Cherry Wine and Berry Blossom. Merlot has an earthy musky aroma that resembles chocolate, orange peel, and cherries. Much like a glass of wine, Merlot is sharp on the nose and makes for a great way to unwind after a long day. Of the varieties we offer, Merlot is the highest in myrcene, a terpene that lends the sharper notes like orange rind in this case. This strain also contains moderate levels of caryophyllene and low levels of bisabolol.

Closely related to Merlot, we also grew Berry Blossom in 2021. This indica dominant hybrid strain which is a cross of Chardonnay and Cherry Kandahar S1, also happens to be a parent of Merlot. It features a fuller bud structure than its progeny and a lower level of myrcene which allows it to have a sweeter, fruitier aroma that is similar to raspberry with a hint of cheese. While this strain is great for unwinding and relaxing, it does not have the same sleep-inducing properties as Merlot.

Other Common Ingredients in CBD Pet Tinctures

Our new fan-favorite release of 2021 is Valley Kush which comes from some of the best Raw Hemp in Rhode Island, a fairly evenly split hybrid with an atypical arrangement of terpenes. This strain boasts higher levels of Caryophyllene and Bisabolol, giving it a sweet flowery aromatic scent with notes of green apple and sweet skunk. Great for mood support and relaxation.

The most unique strain we offer this season is Eighty-Eight, a sativa dominant variety developed by Davis Hemp Co. Unlike other varieties, this strain has relatively low levels of myrcene but contains high levels of Caryophyllene, pinene, and Guaiol. This has a bright fragrance similar to pine and grapefruit. This combination makes it a great choice for improving focus and supporting mood throughout the day.