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Rhode Island’s Most Sustainable Organic Hemp Flower Farm

Rhode Island’s Most Sustainable Organic Hemp Flower Farm

When it comes to buying produce at a grocery store, we have come to accept that there are two approaches. First is, buying a cheaper product grown on giant commercial farms or overseas that tends to use pesticides that can be harmful to health. The second is degenerative farming methods that reduce the nutrient density in the foods we eat. On the other hand, we can pay more for foods grown locally and organically that will be better for your health overall. While it can sometimes be hard to see this same dilemma exists in CBD products. In the first few years of CBD being federally legal, one of the greatest challenges the industry has faced is the startling lack of regulation, accountability, and integrity. While testing for cannabinoid content has been emphasized within regulation, there is little to no mandate for testing mold, pesticides, and heavy metals. When you hear about companies growing hundreds of acres of hemp and then selling cheap CBD products, you should be wary about their capacity for quality control. At Lovewell Farms we are devoted to producing top-quality certified organic CBD hemp flower that we use to create our entire product line.

Becoming Rhode Island’s first and only organic hemp flower farm is a way we are showing our dedication to protecting the environment and our customers. We engage in many forms of nature conservancy to protect the natural resources that we rely on. No-till farming preserves the integrity of soil structure and protects the fungal colonies that play an essential role in soil health, which creates some of the best raw hemp in Rhode Island. We use exclusively drip irrigation to reduce evaporation and water loss and prevent erosion on the steeper plots. Carefully planned, integrated pest management is the key to controlling insects and diseases in our crops. Instead of using harsh chemical pesticides, we use biological agents such as bacteria and fungi that safely eliminate pests without harming humans. We build habitats for native pollinators to increase the biodiversity of life on our farm.

What Makes Us the Most Sustainable Hemp Company in Rhode Island?

At Lovewell Farms, we believe that the only way to produce quality organic CBD hemp flower is to use methods that enrich the health of the soil and the surrounding environment. We employ several regenerative methods that build up the level of organic matter and promote diverse microbial populations that are beneficial to plant health. For starters, we refuse to use plastic landscape fabric and bed covers and instead opt for locally sourced mulch. While this creates more work, it greatly enriches the soil and improves moisture retention. Instead of thinking of farming as a system of putting down nutrients for plants to consume, we take it a step further to consider how we can feed the microbiology in soil, which will create a healthier plant. One way we achieve this is through regular treatments of diluted molasses and concentrated humic acid.

The testing protocol is the standard and the difference that separates CBD companies, for there is no regulation requiring companies to test accuracy or for harmful substances in their products. The only test the USDA currently requires is to prove that CBD Flower and products do not have significant levels of THC. Here at Lovewell Farms, we feel it’s important that our customers understand that what they are getting is clean, safe, and accurately labeled products, like our CBD Topicals or CBD Oil Tinctures. Our products are third party tested by a state-licensed facility for potency, pesticides, and heavy metals. All of the test results are available on our website. Our products also have QR codes on the labels that customers can scan and follow to the test results.