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Tips For Using CBD Topicals

Tips For Using CBD Topicals

[Hope Valley, Rhode Island, December 20, 2022] – One of the amazing aspects of using CBD is that it can be effective when consumed in tinctures or edibles, smoked or vaped, or even when applied to the skin’s surface in a topical formulation. In fact, many people in Rhode Island choose to combine the use of CBD flowers, tinctures, and CBD topicals for a customized approach to wellness that encompasses multiple concerns they have for their everyday health and wellness.

Many Options in CBD Topicals

There are different formulations or options in topicals available online or at Rhode Island retailers. For more of a post-workout option, consider a salve, which is a thicker, creamier formulation that can be applied to the muscles and joints and allowed to absorb into the skin.

These salves come in a variety of scents, including relaxing Lavender and a more uplifting mint scent. Different brands may also offer an unscented salve, which is great for those who work out during the day. Look for companies that incorporate other ingredients to help with muscle and joint pain.

Roll-ons are also a convenient and easy-to-use option. This is a thick liquid formulation in CBD topicals that can also be applied directly to the affected area. This is a great product to carry in your workout bag or to keep with you to use as needed.

Applying Topicals

While topicals can be applied to the surface and allowed to absorb into the skin, there is an added benefit to taking a minute or two to gently massage the area. This helps to increase circulation to the skin and underlying muscle and also allows the salve, balm, or roll-on to absorb into the skin. Be sure to check your CBD product’s specific instructions for application, as different CBD skincare products may be applied differently.

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