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Why It’s Hard to Find Organic CBD Hemp Flower

Why It’s Hard to Find Organic CBD Hemp Flower

In this day and age where CBD can be found in almost any product, it begs the question of why we should still consider smoking CBD flower. Tinctures are an effective way to consume CBD without smoking and topicals can often offer greater relief for localized pain. Inherently the act of smoking anything should be viewed as being harmful to lung health, but that is not to say smoking hemp is as harmful as smoking tobacco. Vaporizing is a safer means of inhalation, however it also should not be considered harmless. This is especially true amongst devices that vaporize solutions suspended in glycol. In spite of this it is important to understand that smoking has played a big role in human culture for thousands of years. It serves as a fixation and a vice for some who undergo stress and anxiety. It can serve as a ritualistic gathering of friends who wish to share in a unified state of mind. Interestingly it can be one of the most effective means of delivering a compound into your bloodstream.

The Difference between CBD Hemp Flower and Marijuana

Before we talk about the benefits of smoking organic CBD hemp flower, it is important that we first understand the difference between organic hemp flower, and traditional marijuana flower. Those who have consumed cannabis often understand that what we are smoking is the developed flower of the female plant. This is true in both cases however what is different is the chemical makeup that the flowers contain. In most cases marijuana has a finished THC content of 15-25%. However, it is reasonable to say that you could achieve the psychoactive effect from smoking flower with as low as 5% THC if a great enough quantity was consumed. This same flower would likely have CBD levels of 5-15%. It is usually the case that the total of the 2 seldom exceeds %30 so as one increases the other typically decreases. When it comes to CBD hemp flower the key denoting feature is that according to USDA standards 30 days before harvest the flower material of a top bud should have less than .3% THC. At this stage the CBD levels of a plant tend to be in the range of 8-12%. Raw hemp flower grown to fruition often features a concentration of 15-25% cbd with .5-1%thc. It is important to note that this amount of THC is almost undetectable when consumed. The average person is not capable of consuming enough flower quick enough to achieve any sort of intoxication.

When it comes to the various methods of consuming CBD, the most important thing to consider is the rate of absorption. This is the length of time it takes to absorb into the bloodstream after entering the body, and the percentage of the total CBD consumed that is actually absorbed and not filtered out. Edibles are absorbed in the intestines slowly over the course of hours. Tinctures absorb sublingually through the capillaries under one’s tongue which happens over the course of minutes. Smoking causes CBD to enter the bloodstream in seconds. In cases such as seizure disorders, smoking is the only method fast enough to combat seizures and immediately reduce symptoms. Many medical marijuana patients have come enjoy mixing hemp flower with their marijuana flower to increase the ratio of CBD to THC. For some this creates a more clear headed experience.

Purchasing raw hemp flower is a cost-effective way to access the benefits of CBD being cheaper than most ingestables and topicals. In addition to smoking, vaping is an effective form of inhalation that is less harmful. Those who enjoy cooking with cannabis can infuse CBD flower into butter or oil, and add it to any meal or baked goods. Customers purchasing Lovewell Farms CBD flower can rest assured that they are getting the highest quality outdoor grown organic hemp. At our Rhode Island-based CBD store, we engage in regenerative farming methods to bolster the ecosystem we coincide with. All of our flower is third-party tested by state-licensed facilities to ensure our customers that our product is free of pesticides and heavy metals.