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CBD Bath & Body Care

CBD Bath & Body Care

Our CBD Bath & Body Care line is hand-crafted to make it easy for anyone to incorporate CBD into their lifestyle and self-care routine.

All of our body care products utilize broad-spectrum CBD distillate, extracted from hemp grown on our farm in Hope Valley and infused into carrier oils to deliver the relaxing benefits of CBD through the skin. We incorporate essential oils to create soothing scents like Lavender and Eucalyptus Mint, and we are developing new formulations all the time, so let us know what CBD body care you’d like to see.

CBD Bath Bomb

Our CBD Bath Bomb just might be the key to the most relaxing bath ever.

At 50mg CBD each, just drop one of our bath bombs into the tub and watch as it dissolves, releasing relaxing aromas of lavender or eucalyptus mint while creating an incredible CBD-infused bath experience.

Formulated with simple ingredients like epsom salt, witch hazel, and coconut oil infused with our broad-spectrum CBD extract, our CBD Bath Bombs are a great way to take your self-care practice to the next level.

CBD Salt Soak

We infuse our broad-spectrum CBD and essential oils into a relaxing blend of bathing salts to create our 100mg CBD Salt Soak.

Our CBD Salt Soak is intended to be a more versatile option to experience the benefits of CBD-infused soaking - you can use up to a full pouch (100mg CBD) for a calming CBD bath experience, or use a ¼-½ cup (25-50mg CBD) for a relaxing foot soak after a long day, and save the rest of our CBD Salt Soak for another time!

CBD Massage Oil

Created in collaboration with licensed massage therapists, our CBD Massage Oil is formulated with a high concentration of CBD to sooth stubborn aches in conjunction with professional or personal massage therapy.

Our broad-spectrum CBD extract is infused into a blend of carefully chosen carrier oils and Vitamin E, with essential oils added to create a calming experience for the senses.

We offer three sizes to meet your needs,

All with the same effective dosage of:

  • 100mg CBD per ½ oz:
  • 400mg CBD Massage Oil (2 oz)
  • 800mg CBD Massage Oil (4oz)
  • 1600mg CBD Massage Oil (8oz)

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