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The benefits of CBD vape cartridges

As the search for the best CBD in New England continues, we’d like to shed some natural sunlight on an underappreciated method of consumption. Our full-spectrum CBD vape carts bridge the gap between our favorite holistic herb and modern society’s infatuation with sticking pens in their mouths. We’ve taken the organic hemp flower you know and love and turned it into a full-spectrum CBD vape cartridge that is universally compatible with any 510-threaded vape.

The heart of Lovewell Farms is the organic hemp flower we grow on our own property in New England. We cultivate our organic hemp flower with love, and we make sure you can feel it in all of our products. Our commitment to organically-grown hemp is driven by the understanding that nature, when left to her own devices, always knows best.

Smoking is easy, vaping is easier.

You don’t need to roll your own flower or light up a preroll. You just need to stick our cart into your device and inhale. Vaping causes less irritation to your lungs than smoking. Vaping is more discreet, and the smell doesn’t linger nearly as long.

Vaping allows for more control

Vaping gives you more control over your CBD intake. When you smoke a preroll or eat an edible, you aren’t getting the exact quantity of CBD you may be expecting because you can’t quantify how much CBD you take in from a single puff of a preroll or from one bite of an edible. You also need to wait longer to feel the effects of CBD when taking CBD in other forms. Vapor will enter your bloodstream faster than edibles and traditional smoke, meaning you’ll feel the effects of our CBD vape cartridge faster than you would feel the effect of an edible or a preroll. Organic hemp flower is still great, but we firmly believe that you’re missing out on a bit of control if you aren’t using a vape.

About our full-spectrum CBD vape cartridges

What sets the Lovewell Farms CBD vape cartridge apart is its purity. You don’t need to include fillers, additives, or artificial flavors to make an exceptional vape cart. We believe in the quality of our hemp flower and the effects of our full-spectrum CBD. Each cartridge is carefully filled with 500mg of Lovewell Farms’ full-spectrum CBD extract, which is made with twice as much love as our competitors. It’s in the name.

Addressing Crystallization

It’s important to note that we take pride in not using additives in our cartridges, which means that occasional crystallization may occur. This natural phenomenon can happen due to the high concentration of CBD in our products. However, there’s a simple solution to ensure a seamless vaping experience. We recommend using a battery with the ability to generate high heat. By applying higher heat, any crystals that may have formed can easily be dissolved, allowing you to enjoy the full benefits of our CBD vape cartridges without any interruption.

If you’re looking for a natural, organic vape cart, stop by Lovewell Farms or order from us online.